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Deelnemers over mij

Ik coach en begeleid regelmatig opstellingen tijdens plant medicine retreats en trainingen in het buitenland en tijdens (internationale) workshops. Hier vind je de ervaringen van enkele deelnemers.

I had the pleasure of attending a four week healing retreat in Peru, January 2019, where Cynthia was a facilitator. Over our four weeks together, Cynthia provided many valuable insights about working with the plant medicines and was very supportive and compassionate during integration situations, especially after some very challenging ceremonies. Along with maturity, wisdom, life experience and a dedication and knowledge of the healing plant medicine path Cynthia is an intuitive counselor, skilled in Family Constellation work. In representing in several Family Constellation sessions, I was always impressed by the intuitive process and Cynthia’s skills at facilitating the process, leading to remarkable healing results and insights for the participants.  Even as a representative in Constellation sessions, I also felt a benefit in my own Family of Origin constellation. If you have a chance to connect with Cynthia for Family Constellation work or Ayahuasca Integration support, you will be pleased!

∞ Neall (59) from Wisconsin USA, three months after a plant medicine course/retreat in the jungle in 2019 ∞

In late January – early February of 2019, I attended a Healing Empowerment course at the Riosbo Foundation center in Peru. One of the most impactful experiences from the course occurred when I participated in a family constellation facilitated by Cynthia Oppelaar. Three members of the course, along with Cynthia, worked with me to resolve some deep-rooted psychological issues stemming from my relationship with my parents. I had no idea what I was heading into, but when it ended I was a different person– more cognizant of the subtle familial threads and patterns that influence all of my interactions with others. I understood my father and my mother far better, which gave me invaluable insight into my own behavior and choices.

Due to my constellation, I am now more open with family, friends and strangers. Also, I spend far less time pretending with myself. I now have a clarity that I lacked before and it has been invaluable in my healing process as well as in my life and I am on surer footing when making life-altering decisions. For this alone, the constellation would be invaluable.

Cynthia was a truly lovely retreat facilitator. She took many moments to sit with me and gently coax me to open up fully to the healing I was undergoing during the retreat. She shared laughter and tears with me– held my hand in the moments when I needed to not feel alone, laughed at my silly jokes, cried with me when the traumas rose to the surface to be dealt with and overall she was a remarkable ballast of strength I knew I could depend on. Cynthia was compassionate and perceptive and brought those same qualities to our constellation session. In every moment I knew that my emotional well-being was a priority for Cynthia– it was never an after-thought.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Cynthia as a retreat facilitator and life coach/therapist. Some people work in healing arts. Cynthia is special– she was born to do this work and she has my life long love and appreciation.

∞ Emily E. (44) from New York, two months after a plant medicine course/retreat in the jungle in 2019 ∞

At the end of Jan 2019 I gifted myself a 4 week Healing Empowerment Course at Riosbo Ayahuasca Research Center with the Ayahuasca Foundation. This is where I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia who was one of the guest facilitators. Cynthia is a truly amazing human being. She made herself available from the moment I met her in Iquitos where the group first met up until this day which is 2 month after the course. We chatted at lunch and few of us ended up at dinner that night, she made me feel at ease straight away. This was just the beginning! The 4 weeks turned out to be one of the hardest things I have ever done (most rewarding too) and every time I was going through a tough time and turned around, Cynthia would be there to offer assistance. It got to a point where I would actually feel bad cause she was that helpful that I thought I was taking advantage. Then I realized that this is just who she was and that she loved to be able to help people – without expecting anything in return. While in the retreat she also facilitated individual Family Constellation sessions for everyone in the group. This is an amazing and insightful process, where I learned so much about the origins of my chronic illness and was helped with a process to begin to let it go. – thanks Cynthia “I will find the exit to my maize, thanks to you!” Thank you Cynthia for all your love, help and guidance. You truly are a special person and I feel blessed to have met you. I only hope that we will see each other again one day 🙂 Lots of Love Me

∞ Steven (43) from South Africa, two months after a plant medicine course/retreat in the jungle in 2019 ∞

Ik vond het echt te gek om mee te maken, ik voel me zo dankbaar. Het was zo magisch mooi. Wel zo knap dat jullie samen meteen zo’n mooie sfeer weten neer te zetten waarin iedereen zo open is. En dat ook met mensen die volgens mij nog niet zo met persoonlijke ontwikkeling bezig zijn, of voor wie het nog relatief nieuw is. Dat vind ik echt super superknap.

∞ Coco (33) na een opstellingen workshop in 2018 ∞

I first learnt about Family Constellation therapy through Cynthia Oppelaar in a series of workshops in 2017 during our studies in the Peruvian jungle. It was one of the most profoundly insightful and practical methods of personal inquiry I have ever been exposed to. Over the weeks I was both the subject of a session, and a participant in other people’s sessions. I found both deeply valuable, as we explored the family archetypes and mythologies that so many of us fall into. Within the context of the plant medicine course we were on, it linked what I was learning about my own behaviour back to my experiences in my family, contextualising but also allowing me to witness unconscious patterns. I thought Cynthia was excellent as a facilitator, holding a safe space in which participants could delve vulnerably into their stories. She strikes a beautiful balance, appealing to the rational mind while allowing the spirit to explore freely. The sessions allowed me to shift my understanding of my family dynamic, and laid the foundation to change how I relate to my past and my loved ones. When I next saw my family, it was incredible to be able to share what I learnt and consciously change the way we were interacting with one another. The seeds planted in those sessions are still blossoming today. I highly recommend family constellation therapy with Cynthia. It is a transformative modality in the hands of a very capable facilitator.

∞ JJ (28) from South Africa, two years after a plant medicine training in the jungle in 2017 ∞

I’m a big advocate of Constellation Therapy. You really did a great job and helped me resolve many of my issues. My family and I are in regular contact now, our bond is so much stronger and I’m going to spend some time in the UK next year so that I can be with them. For the first time in my life this isn’t arising from a sense of duty or feeling like a chore; I actually want to do it. I’m so grateful to you for enabling me to get to this place in my life.

∞ Pete (34) from Australia/UK, months after a plant medicine retreat in the jungle in 2016 ∞

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